Thursday, May 17, 2012

Busy day in Avalon

So, if there is one thing I would have to say that is awesome about Avalon it's that you get to fight dragons, not one or two like in the other worlds, but many dragons (I have beat 4 so far). I also love that they didn't just use one of their old dragon designs for them, I think that it would make sense that dragons that come from different places should be different species. 

Here is another story for ya... I was questing as usual when i had to fight an ice boss, so I think "eh, this will be simple". Nope. It was easy at first but then when we killed the minion he started using strong attacks one after the other until I was defeated. luckily 2 of my low level buds happened to be there and they saved my sorry butt. Yep, that's right. A level 72 was saved by a level 30 somethings. It just goes to show you, even low level players can be worth friending.

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